Our Brews

Year Round

Mountain Town Amber

5.5% ABV / 33 IBU / 13 SRM

We all know this Amber… A little dark, a touch of sweet and bitter at the same time! This Amber is easy, well balanced and starts with a soft nose and finishes smoothly every time. Each taste gets a little bit better than the last, with the unfortunate reality that it will have to come to an end soon. Enter cautiously and consume responsibly!

JBT Brown

6% ABV / 40 IBU / 21 SRM

Very few beers bridge the style gap as brilliantly as a well-crafted brown ale. This beer continually proves to be a solid year-round beer exhibiting roasted malty goodness paired with a hop presence to keep the balancing act going from start to finish. Almost as if these characteristics are being juggled on your palate in such a way that you can only taste the flavors independently for one moment before the flavor seems to transition. Many beers are able to juggle this balance for a moment, but this beer truly is a “Juggler By Trade”

Patroller Porter

6% ABV / 40 IBU / 32 SRM

Where would we be without our Ski Patrollers and our Robust Porters! At Beech Mountain we are very thankful for both! This style of beer has a very broad interpretation and can often be confusing. All you really need to know is that we use roasted barley to achieve coffee notes and a combination of other malts including 2-row, chocolate, caramel, and biscuit to round it all out! The result is a roasty dark beer that will satisfy the palate of porter and stout lovers alike. If your skiing on the mountain be sure to grab a patroller, just don’t be offended when they grab you back!

Beech Blonde

4.7% ABV / 22 IBU / 4 SRM

It’s been said more than once that Blondes are more fun! In this case, the Blonde is certainly showing everyone on Beech Mountain a good time! Crafted with a smooth and easy going profile, you will quickly understand why this pint sized beauty is a delight at anytime. Enjoyed while fishing, mowing the lawn, playing a game, or relaxing on the sofa by the fire. We have even seen this Blonde enjoyed countless times by musicians up on stage! Remember to stop by and get a taste for yourself if you come for a visit to the mountains!

5506 Pale Ale

5.7% ABV / 40 IBU / 12 SRM

5506′ is more than just the peak elevation here on Beech Mountain, and certainly more than the name of 5506′ Sky Bar, which boast as the highest ski bar east of the Mississippi. 5506′ embodies our ski culture here on the mountain, and it is only fitting that our full-bodied pale ale serves as an anchor within that culture. A well balanced pale ale, deep copper in color, with hoppy notes that will lift you to new heights. We hope you will come elevate yourself and see how much fun it is at the top!


Tilted Tartan Scotch Ale

8.5% ABV / 45 IBU / 25 SRM

This big Wee Heavy Scotch Ale should be settled into, in much the same way that the Scottish people settled into our beautiful Appalachian region so many years ago… with purpose and resolve! The rich malty notes and earthy hop character, along with intentional aging, deliver a smooth and complex flavor. Expect layers of caramel, chocolate, and peat with a moderate sweetness. If the mountain appears to be leveling out, it’s just an illusion! This 8.5% beer might have you well on your way to being tilted!

Fake Snow IPA

7% ABV / 65 IBU / 6 SRM

There are so many wonderful things we could say about this amazing beer, but we feel the most important thing to get across is… This is an IPA.

Collaborations & One-Offs

Beech Season IPA

w/ Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

This one-of-a-kind collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Beech Mountain features whole-cone Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops. The perfect après after a day on the mountain.

Beech Bike IPA

w/ Appalachian Mountain Brewery