High Country Tunes


When you think of activities at Beech Mountain Mountain Brewing Co. and its surrounding areas, skiing and snowboarding could be a couple of things that come to mind at first thought. While Beech Mountain is widely known for its winter sports, it is also home to what many would consider a hidden gem: the music scene.

Whether you live in The High Country or enjoy visiting the area on vacations or weekend getaways, you may or may not have stumbled into a bar or restaurant to find some live tunes. Artists who come to entertain at Beech Mountain could be playing solo, part of a duo, or part of a band. Musicians get invited to perform at several of Beech Mountain’s venues like the Brewhouse, the Taproom and Grill, and the 5506’ Skybar. Big concerts take place on the slopes, which offers an open outdoor setting for larger crowds.

Beech Mountain’s live music locations are a comfortable and cozy mountain atmosphere for you to kick back and relax while enjoying food and drinks. Previously hosted artists at Beech Mountain Brewing Co.’s Taproom and Grill include Steep Canyon Rangers, Keller Williams, The Hip Abduction, and Devon Gilfillian. Each group offers its unique style and flair when it comes to its tunes. Types of music range to include Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Country, Soul, and other genre varieties.

In the summer, enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains at The 5506′ Skybar. Live music completes the experience with bands like If Birds Could Fly and Shelby Rae Moore. The beautiful High Country and mountain lifestyle captured best with the Skybar’s unparalleled views, a beer in hand, and good music with friends and family.

There have also been some large bands featured at Beech Mountain, like The Wood Brothers, Trampled by Turtles, and moe. It is safe to say that the music scene at Beech Mountain is diverse, creating several options for people to enjoy. The next time you find yourself at Beech Mountain Brewing Co., there is no telling what one-of-a-kind jams you might come across.

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